Legal Document Preparation

Hiring an attorney can be scary and costly. Signed by Stephanie, LLC is here to assist with the stressful process of preparing and filing legal documents for pro se individuals. We offer fast and accurate preparation of a wide range of legal documents including divorce, paternity, child support, adoption, bankruptcy, eviction, name changes, and more. There are no hidden fees, and consultations are always free. If we are unable to assist you, we will let you know.  


Our document preparation services are all “flat” fees, meaning no hidden fees or costs. In addition to our fees for preparing your legal documents, you may have additional costs for filing and processing your docs. These fees could include court fees, corporation commission fees, recording fees, filing fees, process server fees, posting fees, or publication fees. The additional fees are paid by you, the client, and are not included in our flat fee.


We will provide an estimate of any additional costs prior to working with you. You will know upfront how much it will cost for Signed by Stephanie, LLC to provide forms, prepare your documents, and any additional fees that you may incur so there are no surprises!


***Disclaimer: Signed by Stephanie, LLC is unable to provide legal advice. Please consult with an attorney for any interpretation(s) or questions regarding the law.***